Vocals - Josh Spatola, Guitars - Ying Chee & Jeff Hope, Drums - John Purcell
Bass - Scott Uberto (pre 2001), Mark (after 2001)

Heres all Face Over Water material we have. Each recording is zipped up and is encoded at 192kbps mp3. Also, you may stream the newest recording below if you like. Feel free to leave any comments or questions on the
basementwaste.com message board.

1998 Recording done at Derriks
2000 Recording done at Dave
The live show at The Birch Hill
Early stuff recorded in Johns basement

  1. Inside Me [5:58]
5.61 MB
  2. Reflection [5:34] 5.23 MB
  3. Silver [2:57] 2.78 MB
  4. Under [5:47] 5.43 MB
  5. Thoughts [5:31] 5.17 MB
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